DoUrGame! - How does the game actually work?

Individualizing your own game
  • by answering few questions
  • only having very few preparation activities and
  • all required game accessories in a box delivered to you,
"Is that even possible? 😲 Let me tell you: Yes, it is!"

With the DoUrGame!-Box I have invented a game that can be played by at least 6 up to more than 50 persons that allows you to choose your elements out of five categories and integrate your individual touch by using your teams' characteristics and strengths in the challenges you have chosen and by adapting the game to your event.

"Sounds complicated? 😕 Actually, it isn't!"
In every customized DoUrGame! you let your teams compete against each other in three interactive, team-building challenges to collect coins per game. The team with the most coins wins the game. The game is guided by a game leader, you have chosen and how is instructed by the screenplay that is also included in your customized DoUrGame-Box. You see the "easy" stands for something in the Logo.

"And then you played the game once and that was it? 😞 On the contrary!"

With DoUrGame! you can reuse your game variation for many other events just in another game variation, you are purchasing,  by putting a new game together for another event with other challenges, other background story and so on.

"Sounds appealing, but you still can't imagine how that works out? Let me tell you it does!"

Being busy with my baby "DoUrGame!" for quite a while now and knowing "my" game in and out, I started to realize that people really like to know more about my game than the short description provided so far.  Thus, I started the DoUrGame-Blog to give you the possibility to get more in touch with the DoUrGame-Box before you even purchase it.

In the following you find the frequent asked questions so far, which I will try to answer by separate posts, as soon as I have finished the posts you will find the question linked to the respective entry.

"Let me know, if you have other questions you liked to be answered by this blog by entering them in the comment section below!"

  1. How exactly is the Individualization ensured in my personal DoUrGame-Box?
  2. How do my choices impact my personal game variation and how do I choose the Best?
  3. What are the background stories I can chose of and how do I jazz up my event with it?
  4. How can this game be played by 6 as well as more than 50 people?
  5. What are the challenges I can choose from? 
  6. How does the integration of jokers impact my personal game variation?
  7. What are the game accessories and how are they used in the game? 
  8. What are the preparations activities from my side?
  9. Are there any further individualization possibilities?
  10. Can I rent a game leader?
  11. I like your idea! How is it possible to work with you?